How to Plan a Personal Branding Photo Shoot

January is a great time to get thinking about your goals + plans for the year.

Whether you have a full marketing team or you're creating your own plan, I'm sure you've found that strong & consistent visuals get attention and drive engagement for you and your brand. That’s why it’s so important to have a cohesive online presence that is consistently working for you to draw in your ideal clients. Polished and professional photos are not a luxury, they're absolutely vital to taking your business to the next level. Personal branding photography is a way for entrepreneurs to show the face behind the business, what they do and what makes their business unique.

Once you've made it through the initial stages of setting up your business and you've had your first few clients you have a much better idea of who you love working with, how you can help them and how you can attract more clients like them. You can be the best business in your industry but if no one that it doesn’t matter. If you’re not top of mind when people think of the thing they want, they're going to go with someone else.

So how do you create a content strategy that draws those dream clients to you?

Make sure you're keeping them in mind during every point of interaction. From your sales pages to social profiles to any resources you give out or sell. Your branding is more than your logo and the colours you choose, it's how people feel during and after they've interacted with your content - how connected they feel to you and your brand.

A great way to start feeling more connected? Photos.

Notice I did not say the only way. There are many parts of your branding that will need to work together to achieve this: your sales copy, showcasing your client work and/or products, providing huge value in your content, displaying testimonials... the list goes on. But of course being a photographer, I'm going to stick to the photo aspect - in my opinion, one of the extra fun parts!

But Kelsi, I'm already trying to figure out how to automate as much as possible, develop new products/services and work on my website - I don't have time to think about new photos!

Believe me, I get it, it can feel totally overwhelming to plan a shoot - especially if you don't know where to start. However, when you're working to achieve the next level in your business, that is the time to starting thinking about your visual strategy because you want photos that show where you're going, not just where you are right now. Remember that good old phrase of a picture paints 1000 words? As a visual learner, I actually find it even more inspiring to start with photos in mind. It helps me visualize what I'm working towards and the other ideas start to flow.

Not only will starting early allow you to be more prepared and organized, the earlier you start thinking about the photos you want to represent your brand, the more fun the process becomes. You will be giving yourself the freedom of time to think about what you really want while creating fun and exciting shoot ideas.

Whether you've had a professional photo shoot before but you're now at the next level or you're gearing up for your very first one there are some key elements to keep in mind when planning out your shoot.

First - can I just say - I am so excited for you! Taking the leap and investing your time and money further into your brand can feel like a big leap but it's meant to be a fun and celebratory experience. You have already come so far and having photos that authentically show who you are ready at your fingertips makes it super easy to use them - and show your dream clients exactly why they should be working with you and buying from you.

Let's dive in to the questions to keep in mind about how to plan out your shoot to be as effortless and enjoyable as possible.

Start by assessing your photo goals and how they'll work with your brand personality.

•What are they for?

A new product collection? New service you're launching? Website update? Re-branding? Seasonal update? Combination?

•What are you hoping to achieve with your new photos?

Some examples: Promote (new) products and/or services, show you and your brand's authenticity, increase brand awareness, create new connections and to supplement with your existing photos for seasonal content

How do you want your photos to feel?